Conference halls in Truskavets

Conference halls for events in Truskavets

An ordinary assembly hall or a room with a lot of chairs is not suitable for organizing a conference. The hall should be located in a building with a beautiful facade and a large parking lot: conference participants gather for only one or two days, and a first impression is the most important. You will need the video and audio conferencing equipment (probably, equipment for simultaneous interpreting). A separate space would be required for the registration of participants and coffee breaks. That’s why there are halls designed for conferences — they are not used for other types of events. Their rent is 1.5-2 times more expensive. However, you will understand that this is justified if you try to fill the non-specialized hall with all the equipment necessary for the conference. This will cost you more. The same with assembly, concert and theater halls.

Conference halls of the Dnipro-Beskyd Health Resort are the spaces equipped for presentations and conferences. Here your event will be held at the highest level. Book the halls on our website, specify all the details and conduct successful events.

Cinema and concert hall of the health resort "Dnipro"

The “Dnipro” block houses a large cinema and concert hall with a capacity of up to 500 people and all the necessary light and sound equipment for events at the highest level.

Conference hall of the hotel "Beskyd"

The hotel “Beskyd” has a cozy conference hall with a capacity of up to 50 people, equipped with all the necessary light and sound equipment for meetings and seminars in Truskavets.

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