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One of the essential factors of the treatment process is properly organized therapeutic feeding, which is based on a customized menu for all types of diets that are used to treat diseases relevant for Truskavets. The Dnipro-Beskyd Health and Hotel Complex has:

  • a buffet in the banquet hall of the “Dnipro” block
  • a buffet in the “Beskyd” block

All this variety of food will satisfy even the most demanding guests of the resort.

Information on diets

indications and purpose of prescription

Diet No. 1

Indications: Gastritis with reduced acid-forming function.

Purpose of prescription: Mechanical sparing, normalization of gastric secretion and motility.

Diet No. 2

Indications: Chronic gastritis with increased acid-forming function.

Purpose of prescription: Mechanical sparing with the crude plant fiber restriction, increase of the stomach acidity.

Diet No. 4в

Indications: Chronic bowel disorders, during the recovery period after exacerbation.

Purpose of prescription: To provide adequate nutrition with some bowel dysfunction and help to restore functions of other digestive organs.

Diet No. 5

Indications: Liver and bile duct diseases in remission, in the absence of inflammatory processes in the stomach and intestines.

Purpose of prescription: Chemical sparing of the liver in conditions of adequate nutrition, to simulate biliary excretion, contribute to the normalization of disordered activity of liver and biliary excretion, to promote the physiological function of the intestine.

Diet No. 5п

Indications: Chronic pancreatitis.

Purpose of prescription: To promote normalization of functional capacity of pancreas, mechanical and chemical sparing of the stomach and intestines dysfunction, and also to decrease reflex excitation of the gallbladder.

Diet No. 6

Indications: Urolithiasis with stone formation of uric or oxalic acid salts, gout and other diseases requiring significant restriction of meat and fish.

Purpose of prescription: To promote the normalization of the exchange of purines, reduce the formation of uric acid and its salts, reduce the intake of oxalic acid from food, shift the urine reaction to the alkaline side.

Diet No. 7

Indications: Acute nephritis in the recovery period (3-4 weeks), chronic nephritis.

Purpose of prescription: Moderate sparing of renal function, reduction of hypertension and edema, improvement of clearance of nitrogenous and other metabolic products.

Diet No. 8

Indications: Obesity as the underlying or comorbid condition with other diets that do not require special diets.

Purpose of prescription: Effect on metabolism to eliminate excess fat deposits.

Diet No. 9

Indications: Diabetes mellitus of mild and medium severity.

Purpose of prescription: To promote the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism and prevent disorders of lipid metabolism, to determine the resistance to carbohydrates, that is what amount of carbohydrates is used.

Diet No. 14

Indications: Urolithiasis with alkaline reaction of urine and precipitation of phosphorus and calcium salts (phosphaturia).

Purpose of prescription: To restore the acidic reaction of urine and prevent the formation of sediment

Diet No. 15

Indications: General balanced diet.

Purpose of prescription: The diet provides a variety of food and dishes cooked in the usual way.

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