Treatment in Truskavets

Treatment in Truskavets for decades remains the most important condition for maintaining health and curing existing ailments for many citizens of Ukraine and other countries. Mineral waters of the resort, the most famous of which is “Naftusia”, are used both for drinking therapy and for bathing, inhalations and other physiotherapeutic treatments. And fortunately, nature has created not only curative water reserves in this corner of Prykarpattia.

Treatment in Truskavets health resorts is also breathing crystal clear air, enjoying the beauty of the mountains, the possibility of organizing various walks, hikes and trips! People preserved and developed the natural potential, creating many recreation centers at the resort with modern medical facilities.

For the first time in Truskavets, only in the pump room of the Dnipro-Beskyd Health Resort you can try the new "Naftusya" from the Pomiretske spring with no parallel in its composition in the world.

The diagnostic and treatment center of the Dnipro-Beskyd Health Resort has the largest number of Doctors of Medicine among all the health resorts of Truskavets, namely three out of seven.

Liudmyla Oleksandrivna Chebanenko, Chief Physician of the resort, is the youngest Doctor of Medicine in Ukraine, as well as the holder of the title of Honored Doctor of Ukraine

The health resort has the first and only pump room in Ukraine with a system of contactless access.

Only at our health resort all the doctors are of higher category. As well as many of them have the status of Honored Healthcare Workers of Ukraine.

Medical base of the health resort has more than ten exclusive treatment and diagnostic procedures.

Indications for treatment in Truskavets:

Services included in the cost of stay:

  • New “Naftusia” from the Pomiretske spring
  • medical consultation
  • complete blood count
  • urinalysis
  • swimming pool (Single Rooms, Junior Suites, Suites)
  • medical consultation
  • consumption of mineral waters
  • massage
  • ozokerite or mud applications
  • aromatherapy
  • baths with herbal extracts

Additional charged services:

  • Rheumatoid test
  • Lipid profile
  • Colon cleansing and hydromassage on the device “Colon Hydromat” of
  • German production.
  • Rheography of brain vessels, heart, liver, limbs on a computerized rheograph
  • Treatment of osteochondrosis with German extensive vibration stand
  • Underwater shower-massage
  • Speleochamber
  • Evminov’s board
  • Hirudotherapy (leech therapy)
  • Gym with “Kettler” equipment
  • Sulfurated hydrogen baths
  • Radon baths
  • Turpentine baths
  • Iodine-bromine baths
  • Whirlpool radon baths
  • Gynecological irrigation with radon and iodine-bromine water
  • Underwater spinal traction on the complex “Atlanta-2”
  • Ultrasound of thyroid and mammary glands
  • Psychotherapy sessions
  • Intravesical instillation (collargol)

Exclusive treatments available only at the Dnipro-Beskyd Health Resort:

Underwater spinal traction

Complex screening diagnostics allows to identify 150 indicators of the human body functional state in 7 minutes.

Only available at our resort!

Vacuum therapy "Vacumed"

Vacuum therapy with magnetic and oxygen therapy on the German device “Vacumed”

Only available at our resort!

Magnetic therapy

General magnetic therapy using the apparatus “Magnitoturbotron”

Only available at our resort!

Shockwave therapy

Biochemical blood tests and determination of macroelements in blood on the German biochemistry analyzer “Humalyzer — 2000”

Only available at our resort!

Functional diagnostics of body systems AMP/ANESA

Complex screening diagnostics allows to identify 150 indicators of the human body functional state in 7 minutes.


Mammography - early detection of breast cancer

Mammography (early detection of breast cancer) on the French mammography machine "Senograf 700T" followed by the consultation with a mammologist.


Non-surgical treatment of prostate adenoma

Treatment is provided under the supervision of a professional using the apparatus "Thermospec-1000TM" of Israeli production.


Dead Sea mud

World-famous effective therapy using the original Dead Sea mud.


Saki mud

Rectal tampons with Saki and Dead Sea mud


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