Online medical consultation

Online medical consultation

Here you may ask a question regarding medical issues to our medical specialists.


The doctors of our resort do not deal with booking. For this purpose use the “Book now” button above or book by phone.

Our managers will answer all the questions on booking and staying at our health resort.


Ask a question on medical issues to our specialists

Click on the “Ask a question” button and fill in a short form. After receiving an email notification, the specialist will immediately write an answer to your question.


Chebanenko Liudmyla Oleksandrivna

Doctor of Medicine, Honored Healthcare Worker of Ukraine, Chief Physician


Hrinchenko Borys Stepanovych

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Doctor of higher category, Head of the Department, urologist-andrologist


Zakusylo Olha Oleksandrivna

Doctor of higher category, Head of the Department, general practitioner, herbalist, doctor of functional diagnostics


Bosenko Hryhorii Lvovych

Doctor of higher category, member of the Ecological and Medical Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, gastroenterologist, endoscopist


Horkovenko Nataliia Leonidivna

Doctor of higher category, endocrinologist


Popel Svitlana Myronivna

Doctor of higher category, nutritionist


Snihur Oleh Vasylovych

Doctor of higher category, Head of the Department, urologist-sexologist


Roliuk Oleksandr Ivanovych

Doctor of higher category, Head of the Department, surgeon-proctologist


Vapenska Tetiana Stepanivna

Doctor of higher category, obstetrician-gynaecologist


Kundych Oksana Orestivna

Doctor of higher category, neurologist

It is well known that the Dnipro-Beskyd Health and Hotel Complex takes in vacationers from all over Ukraine and near abroad, as it has almost inexhaustible recreational resources and excellent doctors of higher category. Highly qualified doctors in Truskavets, namely at the Dnipro-Beskyd Health Resort, will consult a vacationer and help to develop an individual health-care plan.

The list of specialties of the doctors carrying out reception at the Dnipro-Beskyd Health and Hotel Complex

Currently, the Chief Physician of the Dnipro Health Resort is the Doctor of Medicine, Honored Healthcare Worker of Ukraine, the youngest Doctor of Medicine in Ukraine — Chebanenko Liudmyla Oleksandrivna.

In addition, the doctors of higher category at the Dnipro Health Resort have different specialties in order to best assist vacationers. In the Dnipro Health Resort you can consult with such doctors as:


Candidate of Medical Sciences, Head of the Department, urologist-andrologist Hrinchenko Borys Viktorovych consults on the treatment of male infertility and diseases of the genitourinary system;

Snihur Oleh Vasylovych — urologist-sexologist, consulting vacationers on the treatment of various sexual disorders and diseases of the male genitourinary system;

Obstetrician-gynaecologist Vapenska Tetiana Stepanivna deals with the issues of diagnosis and selection of treatment of the female genitourinary system;

Zakusylo Olha Oleksandrivna – Head of the Department, general practitioner, herbalist, doctor of functional diagnostics provides consultations on diseases of internal organs;

Neurologist Kundych Oksana Orestivna carries out the diagnosis of the central and peripheral nervous systems;

Nutritionist Popel Svitlana Myronivna receives patients and selects the most effective diet for them;

Gastroenterologist, member of the Ecological and Medical Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, endoscopist Bosenko Hryhorii Lvovych deals with the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders;

Endocrinologist Horkovenko Nataliia Leonidivna provides treatment and prevention of endocrine system pathologies;

Head of the Department, proctologist Roliuk Oleksandr Ivanovych provides treatment and prevention of diseases of the lower intestine, rectum and nearby tissues.

Also you can receive an online consultation of the doctors of our resort, if you address the necessary expert on the website of the Dnipro-Beskyd Health and Hotel Complex.

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