Anti-stress treatment program

Indications for use

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Emotional stress
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Decreased performance
  • Irritability, anxiety

Consultations, diagnostic tests and treatment procedures included in the program

Name of proceduresnumber of services for 7 daysnumber of services for 14 daysnumber of services for 21 days
Initial endocrinology consultation111
Repeated endocrinology consultation111
Psychotherapist consultation111
diagnostic examinations
General blood analysis111
General urine analysis111
healing procedures
psychotherapist session51010
Balneotherapy (bathing with sea salt)369
General magnetotherapy course on the Magnitoturbotron apparatus369
Manual massage of the collar area369
Sauna 1.5 hours246
Reception of mineral waters of Truskavets resort – “Naftusya”, Source No. 171421

The probability of the expected effect is presented taking into account the patient’s collaboration with the doctor, as well as the duration of treatment and the combination of the main diagnosis and concomitant pathology.

The effect of stress on the body is most terrifying. Just imagine, overstrain can weaken the immune system, strengthen a number of existing diseases, add many new diseases, destroy the necessary creativity to perform important work tasks, and negate the energy reserves that we need daily. Given that stressful situations occur almost several times a day, it is important to know the methods of how to withstand the harmful effects of such elements on our body.

That is why the anti-stress treatment program in Truskavets, carried out by the Dnepr-Beskid sanatorium complex, is presented to your attention. This is a revolutionary technique to combat stress and negative emotions that arise under the influence of emotional overstrain. The best specialists of our sanatorium were involved in the preparation of the treatment program, which allows us to rely solely on the positive results from its use.

Benefits of an anti-stress treatment program

Speaking about the advantages of the proposed therapeutic technique, it is necessary to divide the stages of implementation into several parts:

  1. Initial consultation of a therapist, psychotherapist. If during the consultation the reasons are not established or other important clarifications arise during the treatment process, repeated advisory assistance is provided.
  2. Comprehensive diagnostics, allowing you to determine the current state of health of the patient. This is a general analysis of blood, urine, electrocardiogram.
  3. As soon as all the results are obtained, an appropriate treatment procedure is prescribed, including relaxing, restoring components.

What techniques are used in the anti-stress treatment program:

  1. Manual massage of the collar zone, which promotes comprehensive relaxation.
  2. Bathing with sea salt, strengthening the immune system, increasing the threshold of stress resistance.
  3. Therapy when using the drug “Magnetoturbotron”, aimed at the general improvement of the body.
  4. Sauna with a pool with detoxifying agents.
  5. The use of medicinal mineral waters.
  6. Professional instructions from highly qualified Dnepr-Beskid specialists, after which even the most peak situations will not radiate such a noticeable portion of stress.

It is important to note that to get rid of negative emotions under the influence of stressful situations it is not at all necessary to spend a vacation visiting the appropriate medical institutions. Our proposal to remove irritability at the resort is much more profitable, because the Dnepr-Beskid sanatorium complex offers to give up stress while enjoying a fantastic vacation surrounded by majestic natural beauties. Be sure to call us to reserve a place and clarify information of interest!

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