Treatment program “Healthy spine”

Recommended indications

Want to have a beautiful posture, get rid of fatigue and back pain, facilitate a movement of the joints and spine?

We offer you the program “Healthy spine”

Consultations, diagnostic tests and medical treatments included in the program

Name of the servicesnumber of services for 7 daysnumber of services for 14 days  number of services for 21 days
Initial GP consultation111
Repeated medical consultation123
Neurology consultation (based on medical indications)111
diagnostic examinations
Rheumatoid test111
Complete blood count111
medical treatments
Balneotherapy (taking baths with valerian, rosemary), radon and sulfurated hydrogen baths369
Therapeutic physical training51010
Exercises on the Evminov’s board51010
Manual back massage 20 min.369
Finnish sauna with swimming pool (1.5 h)369
Consumption of mineral waters of the resort Truskavets — “Naftusia”, Spring No.171421
Nordic walking51015

The probability of the expected effect is presented taking into account the cooperation between the patient and the doctor, as well as the duration of treatment and the combination of the main diagnosis and comorbidity.

According to the existing statistics, the number of people suffering from musculoskeletal disorders has increased in recent years. The increase in such disorders in recent times is due to the fact that people of any age spend a lot of time sitting, which causes fatigue and back pain.

If you are tired of nagging pain and fatigue in the back, we advise you to visit the magnificent resort Truskavets, where highly qualified doctors of the Dnipro-Beskyd Health and Hotel Complex developed the course “Healthy spine”. It is perfect for everyone who wants to get rid of severe fatigue and pain in the spine, facilitate a movement of the joints and spine and acquire a majestic and beautiful royal posture.

Peculiarities of the course “Healthy spine”

The specialized program “Healthy spine” of the Dnipro-Beskyd Health and Hotel Complex includes the whole system of treatments and starts with the consultation of the highly qualified therapist and the neurologist, the quantity of which depends on how long you plan to stay.

After the consultations and medical examination a vacationer must undergo such diagnostic examinations as a rheumatoid test, which shows the incidence of autoimmune reaction and inflammatory process affecting the body, a complete blood count, urinalysis and electrocardiogram.

After the diagnostic examinations a vacationer receives the indication for medical treatments that are aimed at back pain treatment and posture correction.

In total, the course “Healthy spine” includes 7 basic medical treatments aimed at the improvement of the vacationer’ condition. These treatments are:

  • Taking baths with valerian, rosemary and radon or sulfurated hydrogen baths, helping to stabilize blood circulation, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation and improve carbohydrate metabolism;
  • Therapeutic physical training;
  • Exercises on the Evminov’s board, unloading intervertebral joints in the sparing mode, normalizing the tone of spasmodic muscles;
  • Manual back massage for 20 min. 3, 6 or 9 times depending on the duration of stay at the Dnipro-Beskyd Health and Hotel Complex;
  • Relax in the magnificent detoxifying Finnish sauna with swimming pool;
  • Consumption of curative, restorative mineral waters of Truskavets resort;
  • Nordic walking

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