Treatment program “Metabolism”

Recommended indications

  • diabetes mellitus
  • obesity of all types
  • metabolic syndrome
  • hyperlipidemia
  • prevention of atherosclerosis
  • thyroid disorders

Consultations, diagnostic tests and medical treatments included in the program

  Service nameNumber of services for 7 daysNumber of services for 14 daysNumber of services for 21 days
Initial endocrinology consultation111
Repeated endocrinology consultation123
diagnostic tests
Blood sugar test123
Biochemical blood test (based on medical indications)123
Abdominal ultrasound111
medical treatments
baths (pearl or mineral coniferous)369
or hydropathy (whirlpool foot baths)369
ozokerite applications
instrumental physiotherapy369
therapeutic physical training51010
manual massage (one zone)368
Consumption of mineral waters of Truskavets resort71421

The probability of the expected effect is presented taking into account the cooperation between the patient and the doctor, as well as the duration of treatment and the combination of the main diagnosis and comorbidity.

Metabolism in the human body is an ongoing process – a key element of its functioning. As soon as certain metabolic malfunctions occur, it is necessary to immediately pay attention to such a problem and take appropriate measures. As practice shows, the best solution would be going on a health-improving vacation. This is a great opportunity to normalize metabolism, eliminate the existing health problems, as well as undergo complex health improvement.

If you are interested in a vacation with metabolism improvement, you should consider the offers from the Dnipro-Beskyd Health and Hotel Complex. There’s a reason it received the status of one of the best health complexes in Ukraine. Excellent service, a team of experienced doctors, unique methods of treatment, favorable environment, and reasonable price – all this contributes to a speedy recovery without negative experiences from such a trip!

The treatment program of normalization of metabolism is divided into several blocks:

  • Detailed endocrinology consultation. As a rule, a repeated consultation is required in addition to the initial one, which will allow to find a solution to any issues that arise during treatment.
  • Complex diagnosis, including ultrasound, electrocardiogram, blood sugar test, urinalysis, biochemical blood test.
  • Variable treatment methods aimed at the elimination of metabolic malfunctions.

Peculiarities of metabolism improvement in Truskavets

Our health and hotel complex offers not only the treatment of metabolic disorders, but also provides an opportunity to have a good time surrounded by the majestic beauty of nature. The following procedures will help to complement the treatment process together with unforgettable relaxation:

  • Mineral coniferous (pearl) baths. Just one whimsical coniferous aroma is enough to instantly banish disturbing thoughts and immerse you in the world of complex relaxation. Conifer essential oils help to strengthen the nervous, cardiovascular, digestive system.
  • Hydrotherapy (whirlpool baths). This practice is better known as jacuzzi. The mechanical action of water in whirlpool baths creates a massage effect, which increases blood circulation, venous tone and reduces swelling.
  • Instrumental physiotherapy.
  • Gymnocolon.
  • Ozokerite applications are characterized by soothing inflammation and pain, as they include paraffin and mountain wax.
  • Manual massage of the selected zone.
  • Consumption of curative mineral waters.

The application of all of the above methods together allows to achieve the desired result without any side effects. Trust the long-term experience of the experts of Dnipro-Beskyd if your metabolism suddenly stopped or began to malfunction. We guarantee that the effect will continue for a long period of time, which is certainly worth the money spent!


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